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About Us

RIGK S.R.L. is part of RIGK GmbH Germany and it was established in 2008. RIGK S.R.L. starts to operate SCAPA system during the same year 2008, based on a contract between AIPROM and its members. SCAPA system provides services of inspection management, transportation and waste recovery resulting from crop protection products packaging.

RIGK in Romania has proved to be a strong partner on a fast-growing market. In SCAPA's founding year, RIGK collected a total of 80 tons of pesticide packaging - nearly 7% of the amount placed on the market by the SCAPA participants. 2010,the quantity collected was already at 560 tonnes - almost 52% of the market volume. Despite an increase of transport packaging volumes by 15-20% in 2011,the return rate of 50% was even slightly exceeded with 625 tonnes. Also in the following years, a return rate was maintained of at least 50% of the market volume. The aim for the future is to meet compliance with the take-back and recycling rate despite increasing regulatory requirements. RIGK notes a rising trend in a fast growing national market. By making targeted investments and bringing in long-standing expertise, RIGK is in excellent position to offer additional services for the collection and recycling of waste from the commercial and industrial sector.

RIGK S.R.L. plans to diversify its packaging waste and industrial plastic waste take-over, processing and recovery methods, by initiating new pick-up systems and extending the packaging waste collection and recovery services to several companies providing products for agriculture.

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