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RIGK (Gesellschaft zur Rückführung industrieller und gewerblicher Kunststoffverpackungen GmbH) GmbH is a German company established in 1992 by a group of companies in the plastic and packaging manufacturing industry, who specialize in the recovery of plastic packaging from commercial and industrial activity.

The founding companies' purpose was to implement a cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable system to provide services of packaging recovery resulting from own products, in line with applicable European law. The list of RIGK GmbH shareholders can be accessed here.

Since its establishment, RIGK GmbH has developed and diversified its range of services and is currently collecting, on an annual basis, over 15,000 of secondary plastics. RIGK GmbH acquired over the years know-how and important experience in the plastic recovery industry. This makes us an important consultant for similar projects in the set-up phase or in progress, across various countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

As a commercial agent, RIGK GmbH markets all types of PE secondary packaging, PP plastics, operating on markets across Europe and worldwide. Click here for further details.

Activities of RIGK GmbH

In Germany, RIGK GmbH manages six different recovery systems:

  • RIGK-SYSTEM for non-hazardous packaging from commercial and industrial users
  • RIGK-G (efahrstoff)-SYSTEM for hazardous packaging from commercial and industrial users
  • RIGK-PICKUP-SYSTEM a pick-up system for hazardous and non-hazardous plastic packaging
  • PAMIRA-SYSTEM for pesticides packaging in the agricultural sector
  • BEIZMITTEL-SYSTEM for seed dressing packaging >50l in the agricultural sector
  • ERDE Stretch and agricultural films
  • FOLIO&NETTI for crop forcing films, nonwovens, nets and yarns
  • PRE-Service for pesticides return and disposal

Alle über RIGK zurückgenommenen Verpackungen sowie Kunststoffe werden kontrolliert, sicher und nachhaltig einer stofflichen oder energetischen Verwertung zugeführt.

RIGK GmbH also manages, each year, the recovery and recycling of over 2,000 tons of waste from plastic film for farming production. SCAPA - The Pesticide Packaging Pick-up System is the first packaging recovery system outside Germany where RIGK is directly involved, by providing services of inspection management, transport, recovery and promotion and logistics investments.

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