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Terms and conditions

The free take-over of SCAPA packaging which results from the use of crop protection products (CPP) of plastic, paper or metal takes place in the following conditions:

According to the Law on the Marketing of PPP, CPP users shall decontaminate packages when using the product and shall return such packages to the products' suppliers. Through triple rinsing or pressure water jet rinsing procedures, packages are decontaminated, eliminating the health and environmental hazard. The entire amount of the purchased products is used, the right strength to treat crops is obtained and the free collection of packages is ensured. Non-hazardous waste (decontaminated by the triple rinsing or the pressure water jet rinsing procedure) contains less than 0.01 % chemicals of the nominal volume.

How is the triple rinsing performed after the package is completely empty?

  • the user fills with water one quarter of the package which was emptied and cleared in advance
  • he screws the lid in place and shakes the package for several times
  • he pours the rinsing water into the spraying device tank
  • he resumes the same operation two more times, and then verifies whether the package has been emptied

Various technical packaging decontamination solutions are available for the traders of agricultural equipment, upon the products' application. Such solutions consist in the application of pressure showers in the water supply system of the spraying machine's tank that ensure the complete use of the whole product contained in the CPP packaging. For both decontamination alternatives, users must comply with safety rules and wear appropriate protection equipment.

The free take-over of packages by The Pesticide Packaging Pick-up System of AIPROM - SCAPA, is provided under the following conditions:

  • plastic and metal packaging are decontaminated by triple rinsing, emptied, dried, cleaned and with separate lids
  • paper packages, bags or boxes should be clean and compacted
  • all packages should be sorted by types of materials (the packaging should be separated from the lid).

These conditions are to be checked by SCAPA inspectors before the packages' take-over from the generator.

SCAPA collection program:

  • Annual campaigns: from May to June and from October to November, at the selected warehouses of CPP distributors (download the pick-up program here)
  • Directly from the farm, for volumes of over 30 cubic meters, based on requests made by telephone, at +40 800.872.272 or by email, at colectare@rigk.ro, or office@rigk.ro.
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